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What Cake Boxes Are More Durable than the Others

You want your cake boxes to be different and quality wise sturdy at the same time?

You want the printing on them for showing off or to make them look attractive?

Well, if the above-mentioned things are the reason you are looking to change your packaging boxes or to get one in the first place, you have landed to best place that will fulfill all your requirements. I’m going to tell you where to get the boxes that are not only perfect for your packaging but also perfect for your impression on your clients. We are living in the age of progressive advancement where everyone is running after the improvement and tact to stay in number one position in the market. Similarly, your survival in the market can only be possible if you are developing yourself progressively. You have to be really careful and conscious about the things you are investing in.

What to look for?

It does not matter if you are baking cakes at home to deliver or you own a bakery that has a lot of personalized cake boxes with cakes in them. All you really need to know is some of the basics characteristic that are required to make your Custom Cake Boxes sturdy and long lasting. Here is the list of some that I have included in below for your convenience.

  • Look for the cardboard. They should not only be cut properly but should be manufactured with the perfect cardboard that could handle pressure.
  • Lamination of food grade material needs to be done so that your food or edible object does not get damaged by the cardboard.
  • If you are looking for the personalized cake boxes, make sure you use ink friendly cardboard for the manufacturing.
  • Cake boxes wholesale must be sturdy enough that they could handle the tiers of cake.
  • The die cut needs to be into one another which will help in supporting edges and keep them on positions.
  • Make sure the custom cake boxes are either self-lock in the manufacturing or six corners styled. You can look on the website of Printcosmo to search for boxes by style.

Personalized cake boxes:

When it comes creativity and innovation, you must use all your powers to be creative. Because this is your way to make through the market. You can get personalized cake boxes with the different colors and combinations. You can always print the things that impact your customers. With Custom Box Printing you can make your custom bakery boxes really different for different types of occasions. For instance, valentine’s day is around the corner and all you really need is to make your valentine cake boxes red in color with the die cut of hearts.

It is not necessary that you only get these custom cake boxes done in such a manner. You can customize the cupcakes with some art work or some kind of valentine’s special and then put them in the box. All you really need is some creative instincts to execute the ides. Similar is for the other events. Some examples are mentioned below.

Birthday Cake boxes:

Well, there is no birthday without a cake. Most people use cakes on their birthdays and they customize them as well. So, if you are willing to get these birthday cake boxes to be exactly as that of the cake and since these customized cakes have a lot of things on the top as well. So, with the proper covering of cakes with custom cake boxes is must. A die cut window is made in order to make the outlook appealing and attractive. Inside the die cut window of these cake boxes wholesale, there is a plastic film that helps keeping the cake safe from dust and other particles. As well, it helps your customer to look through it the quality of the product one is taking with him/her.

You can always leave a space on the box so that person can write the name of birthday person. Also, with that you can leave space so that other wishes can be printed. Since, not all boxes can be of one event you can always put different wishes on the same design.

Custom box printing:

Well, if you are investing so much into these Custom Cupcake Boxes, you might need them to be printed with the logo on the top. This is because that will help in your bakery advertisement. Plus, your clients will get to know where to look for you in the hour of need. You need to keep your contact details printed on these boxes so that your clients can get back to you. You can always print them with your bakery or confectioner’s logo.

Where will you get them?

Well, I have researched on these cake boxes wholesale and the best printing and packaging company I have found is Printcosmo as they include all the basic features that I have mentioned in my checklist. Plus, it also includes lamination and printing options. Not only free custom quote is provided to the clients but free art work and assistance with the printing of logo is provided.

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